From April 1(Fri), 2022, Korean time, not only those who have completed domestic vaccinations, but also those who have completed overseas vaccinations who have not registered their overseas vaccination history with the Korean public health center will be exempted from quarantine if they use the Q-code to enter quarantine information in advance. Those who plan to enter Korea through Incheon, Gimhae, or Daegu International Airports are encouraged to use the convenient Q-code for quarantine information.

We would like to let you know that you must take the PCR test in the airport when you arrive in Korea. For more information, please click “PCR test in the Airport” box.

Steps for entering Korea

  • Step 1 Visit the Q-code website.
  • Step 2 Enter the information on the Q-code system.
  • Step 3 Receive the e-mail and QR code issued from the Q-code website.
  • Step 4 Take the PCR test in the airport
  • Step 5 Attend KSMO 2022