Young Investigator Awards

The awards are designed to encourage young investigators to promote quality research in Medical Oncology.

The Young Investigator Awards, worth USD 500 each, are awarded to researchers who submit abstracts to KSMO 2021. The KSMO 2021 organizing committee looks forward to your active participation and expects to award more than 30 winners.

Grants USD 500


  • -Presenters of accepted abstracts are eligible.
  • -Presenters should be under the age of 40 (Year of birth 1981 or after).
  • -The presenter must complete registration.
  • -The final decision will be made by the Organizing Committee.
  • -Those who previously submitted the necessary documents don’t need to apply again, but should be sure to include their date of birth on the CV

How to Apply

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Sign up or log in Apply for the young investigator awards
on the abstract submission page
* Upload the necessary documents
Save and review
until June 25, 2021
  • *Necessary Documents
  • -Your CV including Photo
    Please include the date of birth on your CV to verify your age.
    If you are nominated as an awardee, we will request a copy of your passport for confirmation.
  • -Recommendation letter from the director of your organization including his/her email address and phone number


  • 1.The KSMO 2021 Scientific Review Committee will conduct the reviewing process and notify awardees by e-mail.
  • 2.Candidates must submit a valid form of ID, such as a passport or driver license.
  • 3.Only one investigator award will be awarded per application, even if more than one abstract is submitted.
  • 4.The investigator award will only be given to the presenter specified on the abstract.
  • 5.Awardees will receive the award by wire transfer after the conference.
  • 6.If any documentation or information is found to be false, the award will be cancelled.

Oral / Poster Awards

Abstracts of superior quality will be selected by the KSMO Scientific Program Committee for the Awards.

We encourage all potential authors to submit your outstanding research and win the various awards.


  • USD 1,000

  • USD 700

  • USD 500

We expect more than 40 winners, so make your submission and win!


  • -Awards will be given to participants who present an abstract accepted for either oral or poster presentation.
  • -Awardees must complete registration prior to the conference.


  • -The Scientific Review Committee will judge presentations (VOD/E-poster) before the conference.
  • -Nominees will be requested to submit their CV and a copy of their passport. Failure to submit the proper documents will result in withdrawal of the award.
  • -Awardees will be announced by e-mail during the conference.