• Invited / Oral Presentation
  • Poster

Guidelines for Invited / Oral Presentation

The KSMO 2020 Committee would like to thank you for your participation.
Here are a few tips to make sure your experience is successful. Please read carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

1. Presentation Time

Session Type Allocated Time
Plenary Lecture 40 min.
Special Symposium 30 min.
90min, 80min, 60min Symposium
(Scientific Sym., Joint Symposium, Multidisciplinary Oncology Team Education Session)
20 min.
Oral Presentation 5 min. presentation + 2 min. for Q&A
  • -Please be sure to keep to the allocated presentation time in consideration of the next speaker.
  • -Arrive at your session room at least 10 minutes before the session begins.
  • -You will be responsible for controlling/advancing your presentation slides.

2. Presentation File Format

  • -As for the aspect ratio of your presentation file (slides), a ratio of 4:3 is recommended.
  • -Microsoft Office PowerPoint (PPT) 2010 or PDF.
  • -Use a common font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana etc. (Special fonts might be changed to a default font.)
  • -Images should be in JPG, GIF or BMP format.

3. Submitting the Presentation File

  • -Please visit the Preview Room at least 2 hours before your scheduled presentation and bring your presentation files on a USB memory stick.
  • -Presenters are requested to check their presentation files to ensure they work correctly in our system.
* Preview Room Operating Hours
Date Sep 3-4
Time To be updated

4. Equipment

  • -Session rooms will be equipped with a computer, projector and microphone.
  • -The podium will be equipped with a monitor, microphone, mouse and smart pointer.
  • -We DO NOT recommend using your own laptop computer for your presentation to avoid problems with computer-projector compatibility.
  • **Apple Macintosh / Apple Keynote / Personal Laptop Users: Please visit the onsite preview room and bring your Mini Display Port-VGA Adapter.
** Disclosure of COI
To ensure full transparency, it is requested that any conflict of interest (COI) to be openly declared and identified at the beginning (or, end) of every presentation to inform the audience.

Please use the template provided for the declaration of the presence of COI.
Every poster presentation should have a similar declaration regarding COI at the bottom of the poster.

Please download the slide template, click here:

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

To be updated !