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  • Program at a Glance
  • September 1 (THU)
  • September 2 (FRI)

Session Codes: PL: Plenary Lecture, SS: Scientific Symposium JS: Joint Symposium, MDS: Oncology Multi-Disciplinary Symposium,
ES: Education Session, SP: Special Symposium, LS: Luncheon Symposium, SL: Satellite Symposium, OD: Oral Discussion

Time Room A Room B Room C Room D
08:00-08:40 Oncology Multi-Disciplinary
Symposium 2

Things to know for resectable
UGI cancer management
Satellite Symposium 9
Satellite Symposium 10
Satellite Symposium 11
08:40-09:00 Break (20min.)
09:00-09:40 Plenary Lecture 3
Mechanism-based biomarkers for PD-1 blockade in cancer therapy
09:40-10:00 Break (20 min.)
10:00-11:30 ASCO/KSMO
Joint Symposium 4

Hereditary cancers:
Diagnosis, management, and clinical trials
Joint Symposium 5

Advance in radiotherapy and
clinical application
Scientific Symposium 7
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Satellite Symposium 12
Satellite Symposium 13
Break (15 min.)
11:30-12:10 Luncheon Symposium 3
Luncheon Symposium 4
12:10-12:40 Break (30 min.)
12:40-14:10 KCSG/KSMO
Joint Symposium 6

New trends in clinical trials
Special Symposium 1
Incorporating nuclear medicine theranostic approaches for cancer management
Multidisciplinary Oncology
Team Education Session 2

ABCs of precision medicine
(For beginners of precision medicine) KOR
Satellite Symposium 14
Satellite Symposium 15
Break (20 min.) Break (20 min.)
14:10-14:20 Break (10 min.)
14:20-15:00 Plenary Lecture 4
Exploiting the DNA damage response pathway in cancer therapy
15:00-16:30 KSP/KSMO
Joint Symposium 7

Digital pathology & AI
Scientific Symposium 8
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Joint Symposium 8

Recent progress of precision medicine using genomic landscape in cooperation with agnostic approach
Scientific Symposium 9
Clinical development of
radioligand therapy (RLT)
16:30-16:40 Break (10 min.)
16:40-17:40 KSR/KSMO
Joint Symposium 9

Machine learning tech in
diagnostic radiology
Multidisciplinary Oncology
Team Education Session 3

Familial cancer- Diagnosis,
education, care KOR
Oral Discussion 2
Satellite Symposium 16
17:40-18:00 Closing & Awards Ceremony